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Science Lab - Overview

Lalitha Srinivasan

                                                                      Science 2021-2022

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       Science Curriculum for Grades 4, 5 and 6;

           Grade 4 –April, 2022 - June, 2022


      Fourth grade students have completed  the NGSS units on “Sound waves", "Sound Vibrations", "Volcanoes", "Earthquakes" and  "Landslides”. They are currently learning about slow changes on Earth such as weathering and Erosion by doing a series of experiments and lessons.

        Fourth graders did a lot of exciting experiments by making Volcano, Earthquake and Landslide models. They are now doing activities to learn about Weathering and Erosion by Ice, water and wind. After completing the unit on weathering and erosion they will learn about Renewable Energy Resources.

Lessons- Weathering & Erosion, water shaping land, Ice shaping land, Can the Mountain last for ever?,

Heat Energy & Energy Sources, Wind Energy, Solar Energy.


Grade 5-  April ,2022 - June, 2022

         Fifth grade students learned Chemical, Physical Properties and Chemical reactions by doing a series of experiments and lessons. Some of the experiments they did are "Densities of Objects","How to make a shiny penny", "Making Slime", and "Chemical Reactions of various compounds".

        Fifth graders have started learning about Plants and Ecosystem.They will be doing exciting activities such as "Leaf Structures", "Moving water in Plants", "Food Chains & Food Webs" and "Owl Pellet Dissection".

        Fifth grade students will have CAST testing in April-May, 2022.

Lessons- Producing Food, How do plants move materials?,  Plant needs, Food chains and Food webs, Decomposers & Matter Cycle.


Grade-6, April 2022 - June, 2022

        Sixth grade students are exploring the new NGSS based curriculum this year (Amplify). They  learned about Metabolism, Metabolism and Health Bar and Traits and Reproduction units. They did a combination of experiments, computer simulations and lessons.

     Sixth graders are currently learning about Thermal Energy and how the thermal energy could be transferred from system to system. They will be doing a series of simulations, activities and lessons to explore the heating and cooling of different systems.

     After completing the Thermal Energy unit they will be studying Ocean, Atmosphere and Weather Unit.

Homework- Login to Clever and look for notifications in Amplify.